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Construction Services Cherokee Provides

Cherokee’s roots are in highway construction, but we have grown to provide construction services in other industry segments such as commercial, industrial, military, residential, and parks and recreation. We are one of South Carolina’s oldest road building companies still in operation today. Cherokee has performed work throughout the state of South Carolina in addition to North Carolina and Georgia. Today, we provide a full spectrum of construction services to clients in various industry segments. In addition to these large projects, Cherokee is also known for public works with various municipalities and county governments. We have the ability to mobilize and provide our services at a moment’s notice. This type of service differentiates us from other contractors.

In addition to the services we provide that are shown above, we now offer hydro excavation services.

Hydro Excavation provides a safe non-destructive form of digging. Utilizing highly pressurized water along with an industrial-strength vacuum, the soil is extracted. The vacuum transports the debris into an enclosed debris tank, which is mounted on our hydro-vac unit. This process allows for safe transport to a designated disposal site.

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