What We Do

Our primary goal is to finish construction projects on time and within budget.

Cherokee has been a leader in construction services in South Carolina for more than 70 years. Our concentration has been on road and highway infrastructure, but over the years, we have branched out into industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects as well as parks and recreation projects that involve landscape beautification.

Additionally, we have extensive experience with construction management. We can do design/builds and work with architects and developers to make their projects run smoothly.

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How We Work

We evolve as the economy fluctuates and demand changes.

Although our roots and core competencies are in the construction of large scale road and highway infrastructure projects, we've remained nimble enough in the last few decades to evolve as the economy fluctuates and as demand for various types of construction work changes. Cherokee is capable of bonding and performing projects both large and small.

Our project managers and workers in the field are constantly adapting to meet increasing demands of owners and agencies. Before bidding on projects, we think strategically about how our resources match up with the resources required to complete the job. We put careful thought into ensuring that we’ll be able to finish projects on time and within budget.

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