Hydro Excavation Services

South Carolina Hydro Excavation Services

Cherokee’s Hydro Excavation Services Division provides a safe non-destructive form of digging. Utilizing highly pressurized water along with an industrial-strength vacuum the soil is extracted. The vacuum transports the debris into an enclosed debris tank, which is mounted on our hydro-vac unit. This process allows for safe transport to a designated disposal site.

Cherokee's South Carolina Hydro Excavation Services Division

About Hydro Excavation

This method of digging is a proven and accurate solution compared to conventional digging, which typically utilizes heavy machinery like track hoes, backhoes, and mini excavators as well as shovels or post hole diggers – all of which could cause damage to unknown or known underground utilities. Using highly pressurized water in a targeted area reduces the amount of material removed from the job site and, in turn, minimizes cost.

Hydro excavation has many benefits in the world of construction. It is an extremely efficient way to dig and allows for much more accurate results, which in turn saves money on construction projects. It is now the most preferred way to dig. When compared to mechanical methods of excavation, hydro excavation is superior in terms of being able to damage control and provide safety. The accuracy it provides limits the potential for accidents and injuries for construction works and other laborers on a job site.

Additionally, hydro excavation prevents damaging underground lines, cables, and pipes, which eliminates the need for repairs and restoration. The need for fewer repairs helps minimize overall construction costs and general construction inconveniences. In general, hydro excavation is the smart way to dig.

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We would love to talk to you about your hydro excavation needs. Cherokee’s South Carolina Hydro Excavation Services Division can talk to you about how we work, pricing, and any other details you need to know about hydro excavation. Please contact Scott Cawley at 803.447.7061/, or complete the form on our contact us page.